Vibewire's Hack for Climate #hack4climate

Organized by Vibewire
Vibewire, Ultimo
Nov 30th 2019
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Vibewire is a youth-led community of creative and entrepreneurial change-makers.

Like you, we’re frustrated by the amount of talk about Climate Change.  It’s time to get involved and do something about it.  

Vibewire is hosting a very special hackathon to help solve this immediate issue.  Vibewire: Hack4Climate is bringing together the best creative minds from sustainability, industry and design - including developers, engineers and marketers - to collaborate and create solutions through design-thinking methodologies. 

Step up, get involved, as we spend Saturday, 30 November building rapid prototype solutions.

1st prize

$500 (in total) for the winning team

3 months coworking at Vibewire

Access to VibewireGo - virtual accelerator program

2nd prize

3 months coworking at Vibewire 

Access to VibewireGo - virtual accelerator program

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