Virtual Reality Hackathon & Workshop - Powered by AT&T (Boston)

Raizlabs, Boston
From Oct 17th 2015
To Oct 18th 2015
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Warm-up to VR Hackathon?

The break neck pace of Virtual Reality continues in Boston with a Virtual Reality Hackathon and Workshop.

This Hackathon will help you prepare  for an even bigger VR hackathon this fall letting individuals meet, form teams and hone their skills. If you are a VR expert come and stretch if you are new to VR get started and build your first VR app.

This event is designed to be all inclusive - so attendees will develop for Google Cardboard. You don't need your own VR equipement just a laptop and an Android or iPhone that fits into the Google Cardboard.  If you have your own VR equipment, Bring Your Own VR (BYOVR) equipment. 

The first 100 attendees will be given a free View-Master VR (Compatible with Google Cardboard) Google Cardboard to use during the hackathon and to take home afterwards.

To get ready for the hackathon - here's some useful links

Build VR with Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard Developer site

Unity Learn Site

An intro to Unity3D session will also lead off the first day to give developers and designers new to VR a fast start.

Co-produced by GDG Boston Boston Virtual Reality, Boston Unity Group, Boston Android and the AT&T Developer Program this event is designed for attendees interested in coding VR apps and games. Join for a weekend of talks, hacking, build new skills and meet other developers in the community intereses in VR, complete with free food, prizes. We will have experts from the Boston VR community and AT&T will be onsite to assist with your development.

You Bring: Your laptop, skills & ideas, an Android or iPhone if you're building for Cardboard - bring you're own VR equipment too. Come with a collaborative, team focused mindset and/or team up in advance on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ via the #atthack hashtag.

Whether you are a backend person, designer, entrepreneur, student, or just interested in tech; you are invited to attend this event. Every group needs a good balance of talent and your development skills are needed!

We Supply: Quick presentations and code samples that help to bootstrap your hacking, Google Cardboard, food to keep you going, and caffeine to keep you awake. We will have technical senseis to assist you in building faster and smarter.

Event Schedule.  The following is a list of the weekend's agenda:

Saturday October 17, 2015

09:30AM Doors Open

10:00AM Kickoff - announcements

10:15AM 1 minute team formation pitches 

10:45AM Intro to Unity3D on Cardboard - (Optional)

This is an optional course for developers new to Unity and VR taught by Jono Forbes - This is an optional Unity3D basics course that will cover the editor, scripting, and an introduction to Google cardboard It is highly recommended developers new to virtual reality familiarize themselves with Unity3D at the Unity3D Learn Site before the hackathon.

10:45AM Hackathon begins

01:00PM Break for lunch

Development continues

06:00PM Break for Dinner

11:00PM - The venue will close for the evening. You may continue hacking overnight offsite or get some sleep Don't miss the last MBTA trolly or train.

Sunday October 18, 2015

10:00AM Doors Open Breakfast

01:00PM Break for lunch

05:00PM Pencils down

05:15PM Judging begins 2 sets of judges

05:15PM Cafeteria in parallel to the judging

06:00PM Break for dinner

07:30PM Finalists present and winners announced 

Prizes. The following prizes are experiential and geared towards accelerating you towards a successful business as well as expanding your network and industry knowledge:

Best Use of Google Cardboard

1st Place - $1,000 in Gift Cards for the team

2nd Place - $500 in Gift Cards for the team

Best Use of BYOVR

1st Place - $1,000 in Gift Cards for the team

2nd Place - $500 in Gift Cards for the team

We also will give away 5 Samsung Note 4 VR Headsets that we'll go to the top scoring teams.

Judging Criteria. Apps will be judged based on the criteria below and weighted accordingly.  

25% Weight - Ability to clearly articulate what your app does

25% Weight - Interaction Design

25% Weight - Originality of idea

25% Weight - Technically creative and/or challenging implementation  

Hackathon Legal. 

Hackathon Terms:

Social Media. 

Follow us @attdeveloper for live updates and photos from the event

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Ben Nelson, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at AT&T, is based out of sunny Seattle! His passion is educating developers young and old about mobile application development best practices through events like hackathons that fuse the collective interests of multiple technologies and business leaders.

Jono Forbes, co-organizer of Boston VR and Boston Unity groups, has led several Unity focused workshops including a recent CodeLab! Jono will be leading a Unity 3D 101 workshop to help get everyone kickstarted on their VR projects.







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