Virtual Ukrainian Open Data Hackathon

From Nov 22nd 2019
To Nov 23rd 2019
Using open data for social good
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The Ukrainian Open Data Hackathon is a team idea/prototyping competition, organized by Tech London Advocates Ukraine, for students and professionals worldwide. You can sit in Kyiv, Mariupol or Zhmerynka and still participate in our event. Are you in New York or Tokio? Not a problem at all to hack for Ukrainian good with us. Even sunny Honolulu or Phuket can join us since our Hackathon is truly borderless.

You pick your idea, team and work on a solution for the Challenge, explained below.

What is the Challenge?

Participants can choose a combination of any of the following work-streams:

Business Climate

  • How Might We elevate Ukrainian small businesses and investment into Ukraine?

Set the Record Straight

  • How Might We promote the correct usage of linguistics and raise awareness on cultural knowledge of Ukraine? (#KyivnotKiev, ‘Ukraine’ not ‘the Ukraine’)

Clean Data Indicators

  • How Might We boost and keep open data indicators up to date, correct, and automate the detection of any errors?


What datasets do we have?

Our Partner, Refinitiv Labs, provides free access to data, metadata and, perhaps most importantly, sample Jupyter notebooks for many of the most popular sets including Tick History, Historical Pricing, Reuters News Archive, Aggregated News & Social Media Sentiment, ESG and Knowledge Graph. It also provides access to the Intelligent Tagging Natural Language Processing and Symbology services.

Also, every participant will get access to Open Datasets Catalogue within the Ukrainian Ecosystem (mostly - in Ukrainian).


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