volunteer call-up from DoraHacks-Blockchain Hacker Arena @SF

Organized by DoraHacks
Hyatt Regency San Francisco, San Francisco
From Dec 10th 2018
To Dec 11th 2018
See the website


Volunteers Call-up for SF Blockchain Hackathon- 8Hour ESports-vibe from DoraHacks!

An 8Hour ESports-vibe intense hackathon will happen in SF on DEC 11th!

Now, we are calling for the volunteer players for this Hacker Arena:


Arena Coordinates:

Hyatt Regency San Francisco,5 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, California, United States, 94111


Time for Arena:


Time for Volunteer players:2018.12.10-12.11(Some of the volunteers will join us earlier)


Arena Mission of Volunteer players:

Hacker Hunters: To assist in the pre-campaign recruitment. Come on, pick your hero hackers and call on them to fight as groups!

Arena Decorators: To join in the arrangement of the arena before the activity, and create the dream-making hacker arena by yourselves!

Hacker Guardians: To join in the activity implementation to provide hackers with the most perfect hacking experience!

Hacker Gennies: To deal with all kinds of situations and hold the whole field!


Equipment requirements for volunteer players:

l   Elementary skill: Excellent English

l   Essential attribute/stat: Good coordination, organization and communication,&team spirit

l   High-level Skin: Careful, sociable... A perfectionist can’t be more welcome.

l   Glyph: Familiar with the local tech community in San Francisco or be willing to explore.

l   Have a slight knowledge of esports or video games——PENTA KILL! UNBREAKABLE!


Bonus for volunteer players:

l   HP potions: Enjoy the food and drinks free at the scene

l   Awesome skin: Get the DoraHacks global volunteer certification (more Dora global hacks on the way!)

l   Blessing of Wisdom: Learn more about San Francisco's blockchain and tech circles

l   Alliance activeness: Establish connections with well-known blockchain projects, KOLs and Hackers

l   EXP Bonus: Experience an exciting 8 hours with top hacker & working with the youngest, most passionate, internationalized Dora team to drive the hacker movement!

Baby, let the games begin!


Contact us via email: hi@dorahacks.com

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