VR + Design Thinking Hackathon \ AICX 2018

Organized by Nordic Morning
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki, Helsinki
Oct 30th 2018
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Situational Awareness at Railway Traffic & AI - How could AI enable more efficient care of railway traffic? How could it enable better situational awareness and versatile way of working for operations center, conductors, train drivers and other personnel working with railway traffic? 

Sign Up and join a one of the Teams that together with a crew from VR tackle this challenge!

Some details of what to expect

Prize: Winning team receives gift cards worth of 60 - 80 euros for all team members

VR Crew: Representatives and experts from VR

Time Table: 12.00 we start with lunch, Hackathon work kicks off at 13.00 untill to 17.00. After this we move to Pitching and finally announcing the winners!

Learn more about the Design Thinking Hackathon: hackathon.nordicmorning.com

If you would like to learn more about what we do, head over to nordicmorning.com

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