VR Hackathon

Organized by Kanria
MietWerk, Potsdam
Nov 15th 2016
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Get a taste of the VR NOW conference one day earlier and get your creative juices flowing with our one-day VR Hackathon! Bring a laptop, and an idea, and we'll guide you through one packed day of VR development from scratch.  Meet new friends and hack your way into the future!

We'll be utilising Unity and will provide each participant with a Google Cardboard, just bring your laptop and Android smartphone! Be aware that your phone needs a gyroscope in order to work with Google Cardboard. Not sure if your phone has a gyroscope? Quickly check with this handy app.

About VR NOW - The Tech Biz Art Conference

The first stand-alone business and development conference & award exclusively dedicated to VR in Germany connects three essential aspects. The VR NOW Awards 2016 celebrate outstanding technical, business, and artistic achievements in virtual reality.

The hackathon ticket does not include a ticket for the conference, these can be ordered seperately here.

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