web3j 3.0 – Integration with Ethereum and Smart Contracts for Developers

Room E28, Harrie Massey Lecture Theatre, London
Nov 30th 2017
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Please note: This event is strictly for regular software engineers and computer science/software engineering students only.

This event is brought to you by The Blockchain Connector, a training and recruitment company focusing entirely on Blockchain technology & UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, a leading European research hub focusing on the impact of blockchain technologies on socio-economic systems, and promotion of a safe and organic development and adoption of blockchain-based platforms.

Speaker Bio: Conor Svensson

Conor is the author of web3j, the Java library for working integrating with Ethereum. He's the founder of blk.io (https://blk.io/) who provide the foundations for enterprises to integrate with Ethereum and Quorum.

Conor also co-chairs the Quorum and Integration and Tools Working Groups in the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and is the organiser of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance London Meetup.

Title of talk: web3j 3.0 – Integration with Ethereum and smart contracts for Developers

Abstract: web3j is the Java library for integrating with Ethereum. In this talk, Conor will provide an overview of web3j, including its client API, smart contract wrappers, command line tools, event subscription capabilities and Block and transaction replay support.

Conor will also be talking about the milestone web3j 3.0 release and the additional functionality it provides for further simplifying integration with smart contracts.

Finally, there will be an ERC20 token demo using web3j, and discussion of building micro-services on top of web3j.

Event Organiser: Antonio Sabado

Antonio is a founder of The Blockchain Connector, a training and recruitment company focusing entirely on Blockchain technology. Antonio has 10 plus years experience working closely with global Investment Banks placing and managing highly skilled eTrading Technology professionals. Antonio has an extensive network, ranging from mid to senior level technology and business professionals across various sectors. He is an organiser of several Blockchain focused events in London aimed at software developers and business users.

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