Women in MR, AI & Ethics Hackathon

Organized by Jo Ryall
Microsoft Reactor, San Francisco, San Francisco
From Dec 6th 2019
To Dec 8th 2019
Women Creating Ethical MR/AI solutions to Society
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Women developers, designers, and ideas people in and around San Francisco! If you're passionate about the ethical use of mixed reality and AI, then register to participate in the Women in MR, AI & Ethics Hackathon. At this 48-hour weekend hackathon, you'll collaborate with like-minded individuals to come up with great ideas and create amazing experiences using Microsoft technologies (Sensing, AI, Speech, Vision, and MR)! 

The overall theme of the hackathon will be to create ethical experiences that help society including people with disabilities, Education (children or faculty), Medical, Workplace or Social work. You'll get to present your project to a panel of experts who will judge it based on its technical excellence, uniqueness of experience, the usefulness of experience, and the use of Microsoft technologies.

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