Worldline e-payments Challenge

Organized by Worldline
Blue Office, Quai Voltaire, Bezons
From Sep 26th 2018
To Sep 28th 2018
Joint go-to-market with Worldline, and more
Developing e-payment solutions. How will we pay in 5 years?
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Fintech companies and startups in France and beyond! Do you have specific e-payments and related expertise/assets? Are you willing to partner with online payments leader Worldline? You're invited to participate in the Worldline e-Payments Challenge Hackathon. At this 48-hour event, you'll be expected to create e-payment services of the future that address the specific needs of one of the following challenges:

  1.  European Retailer - Seamless payment experience in-store

  2.  Nordic Bank - Integration of receipts and payments transactions & Most flexible bonus system between merchants and banks especially in GDPR world.

  3.  International Hospitality group - Seamless guest consuming experience and Community payments

  4.  Telco company - Instant payments in Telco world

  5.  French bank - New payments means

  6.  Virtualized management of fleet cards - Digitization of the current private cards

Winning projects may be selected for a number of prizes, including Joint go-to-market with Worldline, Potential projects with the customers proposing the challenges, Co-marketing with Worldline at global events, and more!

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